To My Husband

November 7, 2011

I met you when I was just 13, a shiny new freshman who’d happened to have the foresight to take French I in 8th grade. Which meant that I was in French II in 9th grade and, to my delight, in a mixed grades class. The first time I saw you, I instantly thought you [...]

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Look Good, Feel Better

November 3, 2011

I finally went to the American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better class over at the Cancer Community Center on Halloween night. I have to admit, I was a bit of a Halloween Scrooge this year. Cliff was working until 8 which would have meant that I was all alone handing out the candy and [...]

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October 28, 2011

Today was my next to last round of chemo – FOREVER! I don’t think I can properly convey how good this feels. My mind is jumping ahead to all the next steps because I want to know the exact plan. When will my mediport come out? When can I do the mapping and tattoos for [...]

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Being an Introvert With Breast Cancer

October 23, 2011

The title of this post should be more like “Being an Image Conscious Introvert With Breast Cancer Trying to Navigate Life Whilst Wearing a Wig and Not Having Eyebrows or Eyelashes” but that just seemed too long. Nevertheless, I am pretty aware of how I look and try not to go out and about lookin’ [...]

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Echocardiogram #2 Today

October 20, 2011

So when you’re lucky enough to get the “Red Devil” chemo (Adriamycin, which is commonly given in conjunction with Cytoxan – AC), you find out that Adriamycin can potentially damage your heart. Awesome. Before you go through this type of chemo, they make sure your heart is strong enough to take it. Although I don’t [...]

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Get Over It

October 19, 2011

Each day, I grow more and more tired of breast cancer. Mentally, I am just over it and now that I see the end of chemo in sight I just want to be done with it already. I read so many things online about how hard it is to find the “new normal” after you’re [...]

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Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Cry, Cry, Cry

October 17, 2011

Not too long after my diagnosis, I heard M.I.A.’s song Hussel while I was driving. Although the song has absolutely nothing to do with what I’m going through, the chorus is “Hustle, hustle, hustle, cry, cry, cry” and that’s exactly how I feel sometimes. Hustling through stupid chemo, radiation, and my exchange surgery to a [...]

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